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  • I am local. How do I get eggs?
    We offer two methods. You can add the eggs to your cart on here, pay online, and contact us to arrange delivery. We offer pick up from drop sites, and drop-off delivery as well. These details will all be arranged after purchase. Additionally, we participate in at least one local farmer's market each year. Please check our availability by seeing our Instagram and Facebook pages. If you are without means at this time, PLEASE reach out to us. We have been there and know just how difficult it can be to navigate around the emotions involved. No shame, no questions asked; we will deliver eggs to you free of charge. We're new to putting a website together and until we figure out how to make it an option in the cart itself, just email or message us.
  • Can we visit your farm?
    For both animal and human safety, the farm is closed to all visitors at this time. Products for pick-up will be left in a secure spot near the driveway. No one is allowed entrance beyond that point. We maintain strict biosecurity measures on premises, both as NPIP participants and during the current Avian Influenza outbreak. No guests can be accommodated on the property at any time.
  • Can you ship hatching eggs or chicks?
    Normally, the answer would be yes. We are NPIP/AI Clean, and permitted to ship hatching eggs and live chicks in the contiguous United States. However, this year we are taking a break from hatching and shipping eggs and chicks.
  • Can you ship soap and body care products?
    Normally, yes. However this year we are taking a break from soapmaking. Please keep your eye out for an announcement when our hiatus is over.
  • Can your soap/lip balm/lotions help me with my skin condition?
    No. Our soaps are wash-off products intended only to clean. Our body care products are all external use only, and while made with FDA approved ingredients, they can not cure or heal, and are not intended to diagnose or treat any condition.
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