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A little about us...

We are a small family farm in Pulaski County, Virginia. Comprised of Jeremy, a US Navy veteran, and Elizabeth, an Herbalist, Bewilderbean LLC was founded officially in 2018.


Bewilderbean LLC was formed to further our efforts towards building a small, sustainable farm, with a focus on the production of wholesale herbaceous plants.

Recognising a need for sustainably grown and properly identified plant materials in the fields of both clinical herbalism and manufacturing, we seek to establish ourselves as a farm-based supplier as well as a botanical sanctuary. Our guiding principle is the responsible preservation of heritage livestock and native flora.


What we do: We raise several breeds of chickens selected by the Livestock Conservancy for attention, including Delawares, Sebrights, and Javas. We also raise other breeds for either egg production, meat, or both. Additionally, we are a Certified Pullorum Tester for Virginia’s National Poultry Improvement Program (NPIP), and certified participants in the Homegrown By Heroes program and Farmer Veteran Coalition.


Available for sale online, and locally available for delivery/pick-up are: chicken and quail eating eggs; hatching eggs; live chicken and quail chicks (check for availability); handmade soap; and handcrafted body care products such as lip balm.


Thank you for taking the time to meet us!


Whenever possible, we source from local providers.  Like us, they share a commitment to bringing quality to community.

All poultry are fed a non-GMO diet from a local mill, their bedding is hemp fiber from Old Dominion Hemp, nesting materials are recyclable paper from nearby businesses, and our soaps are predominantly made with ingredients from farms right here in our area.

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